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I am on here on behalf of my female friend who is nearly 52 and who is'nt vey good with computers !I have some research for her but can't seem to come with anything that she is describing - While out walking one lunchtime she experienced a vibrating throbbing pulsating feeling in her left foot and it can last for up to 1.5 to 2 hours this has been happening for about 2 months now she is particularly concerned as her Irish grandfather had PD, but what I would like to find out for her is - does PD always start in the hand (as i've read so many times)or can it start in the foot or jaw/lip, also about 18 months ago she quite suddenly developed an overactive bladder ! again could this be an early sign?

She is not for for running to the doc at every opportunity and I would like to put her mind at rest.
i think your friend should see a doctor - left foot shouldn't be doing that!

most pd isnt hereditary.
early symptoms vary enormously and many not in hands -
partial loss of sense of smell
walking without moving arms
dragging foot.
difficulty tapping fingers regularly for more than 10 seconds
sore shoulder neck
slow ratchetty movement of arm
recent fall

i wouldnt jump to pd without at least one of the above

but i would go and see a doctor if her foot is still causing bother

Hello Turnip

Many thanks for replying to the post, I forgot to mention that she had also had some phantom type smells, smelling things that no one else can and not nice smells either) I am working on her going to the docs, will be back in touch whenver that happens, in the meantime can you suggest a good source of info for PD
i'm not being parochial but probably the best site is the documentation in puk - their publications are really very good.
Isnt life absolutely delightful ,you wait and wait for a extraordinary screen name
to reply to and two or more arrive at the same time, marshmallow tea it is a
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Your friend should read turnips insightful assessment of the symptoms
everyone is diffeferent my tingling toes were the firs sighns then my fingers
she must see her GP and then a proper opinion can be acheived.I also had difficulty
with my writing and spelling though that seems to be inropingv:rolling_eyes:
Kindest Regards fedex
Hi There

Many thanks for the reply (I'm just a big marshmallow fan) in the meantime my friend managed to pluck up the courage and go visit the GP, told him her concerns regarding PD he told her it's not hereditary anyone can get it, also observed that her hand/s did not shake so has ruled it out. very interesting to hear thay your symptoms startrd in the toes ! it would appear to most that it almost definately starts in the hand, can anyone shed some light as to why it starts there (just curious) My friend has been refered to a foot/ankle specialist to see if they can get to the bottom of this.