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Hello, my grandad is 82 years old. 4 Years ago we found out he has Parkinsons. Sadly only recently my grandad has got worse and our family have taken the choice that he has to be placed in a care home. I think this is the best option for my grandads quality of life as he is not safe at home. He is on new meds but they are not working. Do all people with parkinsons get to stage 5 because he is on stage 4 at the moment. 

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Not all people reach stage five, but I have been told that symptoms are often more severe in the elderly, so perhaps that could account for the speed of his case.  Also, getting the right combination of medications is crucial.  It often takes a lot of experimentation, so be sure your grandfather is seeing his doctor or Parkinson's nurse frequently to recheck symptoms, monitor progress, etc.

He is fortunate to have a grandchild who cares enough to research his problems and their treatment.  I'm sure someone on this forum more knowledgeable than I will answer soon and offer a more valuable response.

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 There  are many drugs available which will  improve  your  grandads  life and  maintain a  sharp  mind  ask  if  anyone is knowledgeable and  capable when chatting  with  him  as  it is  important  he receives the  right  meds,  you obviously  care  deeply  for  him  and  he  will treasure  that  knowledge and  look  forward  to  your visits,  its  by  no  means  endgame  for  him  and  chess  crosswords even  trivial  pursuit will  keep  his  brain  alert,   it  works  for  me,  Lady  J  is spot  on with  her post  as   always.

                                     All the  very best  to  you and   your  Gramps