My history

I am Mr HILAIRE of Cameroon africa it is 1h15 am here I just wake up normaly I must sleep I was diagnosed as Parkinson’s in 2012 at the time the neurologist the only one I met since my diagnosis because they are rare and their consultation is expensive
in 2012 he had prescribed SINEMET 100/25 1 tablets at 6 am am 12h 6h pm and the trival 50mg 1 tablets at 09h am and 3h pm this prescription was good until 2016 is then that I noticed the reappearance of the symptoms after taking the drugs what I correct by doubling the doses also myself no money to take rendezvous with neurologist
it should be noted that it is not all the time that the drugs is available on the local market I often spend some weeks without drugs when I do not have the money to plan stocks from abroad to today I take SINEMET 250MG / 25 2 tablets at 8h am 2 tablets at 11 am am 2 tablets TRIVASTAL 50MG to 4 pm pm so far I have Too much trouble to move my limbs especially when I wake up I have symptoms that persists despite the medications I have problems to drink or eat I can’t walk I am very tired I have trouble walking to talk to swallow to breathe to remember the urine a few here have experienced the same situation?