My hubby smells different

Hi everyone ,
Im curious if anyone had the same thing happen , before my hubby was diagnosed he started to smell different and I used to say to him that he did ,
We keep dogs and our dogs changed the way they were with him
They were more attentive and protective and they would often sit and smell him , we used to think it very strange but now with his diagnosis we can see why
Just thought it would be interesting if anybody else had that


There are people who can smell Parkinson’s disease and I think they are trialling dogs. There’s some links to articles below.

My wife says there is a smell around me like a muskiness, she told me this 12 years ago when I was diagnosed.

Yes, it’s a recognised thing, and as others have mentioned they are training dogs, with the idea of using them as a diagnostic aid.

My wife said that 12 years ago

WOW,! It’s very interesting how many people can also get the smell too and yes it’s smells musky and it’s like a damp smell

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If you Goggle such things, I’m sure you’d get the information you need. We have enough symptoms to be getting on with without knowing we potentially smell too! Just a thought!

Sorry I didn’t mean too offend anyone , I wouldn’t want to hurt any one with what I said , but thank you for pulling me up on this time for me to leave the forum I think just in case I offend anyone else many thanks for all the help in the past years

There’s no offence taken, always happy to chat.

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Please don’t leave.
You are asking/making a very legitimate question/ statement.
If anyone doesn’t like it, it is their problem not yours.

Please stay.

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You are absolutely correct as I have not lost my sense of smell and even after a shower can still detect the odour from myself.
I’ve always had a good sense of smell where I am able to detect spoiled food even as it’s cooking.