My husband about to start treatment

On his first visit to the falls clinic my husband was diagnosed with parkinsons. That was three months ago.  this time he has been prescribed Co-beneldopa and I have been asked to keep a diary for the doctor.  I will try to keep you up to date with the effects of the treatment.  His mobility at the moment is very limited and he walks with the aid of a rollator.  Even with the aid he cannot walk far.  He is not always coherent but it varies.  He is incontinent but apparently the main cause is an enlarged prostate.  I don't know if Parkinsons has a bearing on that at all.  Certainly it has a bearing on him not being able to get to the toilet.

Gilscarer, welcome to the forum!

For having been diagnosed only three months ago, your husband's PD sounds quite advanced.  I hope the medications his doctor chooses will help to reverse some of his symptoms.  As a caregiver, you can find excellent support on this forum from others in the same position.

I'm a pwp myself, not a caregiver, but I wanted to welcome you to the forum and wish you the best!