My husband has been on sinemet

My husband has been on sinemet and sinemet plus for a long time. Madapor was introduced to the morning sinemet also.
Now due to swallowing issues he has been put on madapor 4 times a day and no sinemet at all.
My question is should this medication be changed over gradually . Im not sure i should do it all at once.
Anybody got any experience of changing meds and the use of madapor

A pharmacist should be able to help with this.

No two people have the same symptoms of Parkinsons, nor the same responses to medication.

Both Sinemet and Madapor contain L-dopa. Madapor also contains Benserazide which helps the L-dopa reach the brain where it is converted into dopamine.

I wouldn’t have thought it will make a difference. They bascially do the same thiing in the same way. The only difference is there is a differnet omponent in each that stops the l-dopa being broken down in the body before it reaches the brain.

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