My husband has just had open heart surgery.

My husband has just had open heart surgery and now he is home his tremors seem to be worse. Has any one else experienced this? I’m trying to work out if it’s a long term issue or it improves with time?

Hi @Bevjam123 and welcome to the forum. We have a friendly and supportive group here and you’re sure to get a hello from them soon.

Major surgery is very stressful for anyone and I’ll assume that the medical team at the hospital would have been made aware of your husband’s condition so they could take it into consideration. No one feels at their best after surgery, but it’s very important to report all after effects as soon as you can. Perhaps some medication changes are necessary. Your doctor can also talk to you about what to expect going forward.

I do hope your husband has a good recovery and his tremors decrease. Remember to take good care of yourself too This has also been stressful for you and your wellbeing is important.

Best wishes,
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