My husband recently diagnosed with Parkinson's.

Hello all. Apart from other on-going medical conditions, my 66-year-old OH has just been diagnosed with Parkinson’s. I cannot believe how fast he’s gone down over the last five months or so. We’re retired so are available whenever someone makes an appointment to come round. Age UK have been marvellous in providing various means of support, etc, which means so much. I’m seventy-four and rather small and, although I’m doing as much as I can, am finding it such a struggle physically but mainly mentally. Once I get used to finding my way around the forum, I’ll do a bit more posting. My heart goes out to you all and will try to help anyone I can. Thanks.

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Hello Goosegirl and welcome to the forum. I love your picture and I thought you wrote a lovely first post, particularly since your OH has only recently been diagnosed with Parkinson’s. As you rightly point out the mental challenge to a diagnosis of Parkinson’s, whether the person directly affected or a family member or friend for example, can be just as hard if not more difficult than dealing with the physical symptoms. At the moment you are not asking anything specific, but I hope you will come back if there’s anything you need to know because that’s what the forum is about, giving support to those who need it by people who have first-hand experience in one form or another. The forum also has some fun parts and room for creativity so do take time to explore all the categories.
My best wishes to you and your OH