My husband who has parkinsons

I am my husband's main carer.Last week I was quite shocked at his behaviour towards me.Not only did he use swear words that I have never heard him utter,but he also spat at me when he was a bit cross about sometning.
I have really struggled with this.This is not my loving caring husband.
Any other wives who are going through a similar situation?
You are quite right Classic fm - it is not your husband. He is in there somewhere though and is probably frightened and angry at what is happening to him and is lashing out at the person who is nearest. It doesn't make it any easier to cope with though. It could be his medication needs a review, or has that already been suggested/tried? Or he could have an infection. They can play havoc and cause all sorts of odd behaviour.

You have my sympathy. At one time my husband questioned whether I was really his wife and then thought there were three versions of me - the other two were always described as "the fat ones" and were horrible to him!!


Worrals x
Thank you Worrals for your encouragement.
My husband is not currently taking medication.It has been prescribed since November,but he is worried about starting.We have an appoinment with the neurologist next month.
Hi classic, I'm sorry to hear what you and your hubby are going through. It must be really difficult for you both to experience the changes. As has been said, it's not him as such and I'm sure he doesn't mean to upset you. May I suggest you keep a little diary of these events and share them when you both visit the neurologist? They will probably find it very useful and be able to suggest the best meds to help him feel better.
Hello Mooseci,
Thank you for the tip.I do sometimes keep a note,if only to get it out of my head!