My Life With PD - Pt 1

Well they say the best place to start is the beginning, so here goes. I should say from the off that PD is different for everyone. No two people have it the same. Although the Neurologists will tell you there are certain basic symptoms that generally occur in 90% of cases; and whilst one thing may work for one patient it won't work for another. So before you go flying off to your specialist asking for any of the umpteen drugs I've had, please consult your GP or Neurologist first. I should also point out that I inject a fare amount of humor into my stories. This is the way I am. I have to look on the funny side of everything, it's how I cope from day to day. I will also be talking candidly and putting a few personal thoughts in as well.

Please forgive me for any spolling mistakes.

THE BEGINNING - 29th February 2000

This date will remain in my mind forever as the day my curse began. I call it a curse because that's what it is. Although at that time I had no idea what it was. All had been well up to that point, I was divorced from my 1st wife. I was living with my mother for a while till I got back on my feet. Some people may say this played a part in what happened that night.

I had gone to bed the night before at the usual time. I distinctly remember having weird dreams that night, more so than I usually had. When I awoke the next morning, from the second I opened my eyes I knew something was wrong. Very wrong. The whole left side of my face had dropped. I also had a slight ( I say slight because it was compared to now ) tremor in the right arm and hand. I immediately went to the doctors who informed me I had 'Bells Palsy'. I'd heard of this. Its one of those things that can last a few days, weeks, months or even years. It felt the same as your face does when you've just been to the dentist and your face is numb on one side. You drink and it all dribbles out like a baby. Around 3 days later it had gone. But left me with a tremor in the right arm. My left was ok. At first I was relieved beyond belief that it had gone.

For the first week or so I was ok with the tremor, just relieved that the Palsy had gone. Then I began to notice little things. Things like making a cup of tea. Putting a spoonful of sugar into a mug or cup trying very hard, and not succeeding, not to spill it. I larf about things like that now but at the time it was driving me mad. Frustration stage one had started. A couple of months went by and the tremor was still there. I assumed it was a side effect of the Palsy and would settle down of it's own accord. After 6 months there was no change. I began to get a little concerned. So of to the GP I trotted thinking it was probably a trapped nerve or something. PD at this stage didn't even enter my head. My GP said it could be down to fatigue and gave me some simple exercises to help. He also said it could be 'Essential Right-sided Tremor'. He said this because unlike PD, ERT is not present when the arm is at rest. I could keep it still if I held it with my left or sat on it. I went away none the wiser. I decide to live with it for the time being as the tremor was only slight plus I didn't want to investigate it any further for fear of what they might find. I was used to the tremor by now and as it wasn't getting any worse I went back to work as usual.

Before I knew it, 2 years had passed by without any further instances. Then I met my present wife. A truly wonderful woman. We knew we were right for each other from the moment we met. I was in the midlands then and she was in Kent. She proposed to me 32 hours after we met. I said I'd come down for the week end to see her and never went back. My mother is still waiting for me. We were married on 27th September 2003 ( you see, men do remember anniversaries ). She's my soul mate and my rock (and looking over my shoulder ). I quickly got a job in Kent and life continued as usual. one year later, 2004, things began to take a turn for the worse.



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How nice to read your story. My man also had bells palsy in 2000 and also about 5 years before but only developed a tremor early last year. There was someone earlier asking if anyone else had had bells palsy. I wonder how common it is?

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I look forward to reading part two.

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I also luk forward to the continuing advenchures altho I am knot shure wot spolling missteaks ar.

Seriously though thank you for sharing!


Hi Papasmurf thanks for part 1 of your life story, it is very interesting reading other peoples experiences. I also had bells palsy and wondered if it was the beginning of pd?

I look forward to part 2

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You can find part 2 of the story here: