My life

My life has been up and down, I had a wonderful childhood, growing up, I use 2 race motocross and use 2 water ski, and I loved playing baseball. All thru High School, I played football, and my senior year I was MVP in baseball, that was the best time in at that time. Then I got married 2 my high school sweet hart, then we had 2 wonderful sons, the best day in my life when they were born.Life was wonderful for me I have a family that I love so much, bought a house, life was good. Then when I turn 30 I found out that I had Parkinson's , it wasn't bad at first but it did finally caught up 2 me, I just didn't want 2 do anything. I was married for 14 years and then I went thru a divorce,. that was the hardes in my life. I been single for 20 years now. My Parkinson's caught up 2 me when I was 52 years old, I couldn't even get out of bed. Then we herd of a surgery called (D B S ) thank GOD because now I can do just about anything I want 2 do, I am not perfect, but I can do so much more now, with out this surgery I would not be here right now. So I want 2 thank GOD for not giving up on me. So it's been over 2 years now, and life has been pretty good for me, every 3 month I go back 2 my doctor and they tune me up. So that a little about my life..... Jerry
Welcome to the Forum. In UK the word chipper indicates a happy and positive attitude and may I say for you it is well chosen.

Yours is the story of a life that has been lived and I hope you will continue to write and inspire others with the way you have coped.
thank PROF A L BENABID and HIS TEAM and all the other clever PEOPLE who invented DBS to overcome the diseases created by ...

welcome to the forum.
hiya chirper,welcome to puk ali ive been dx for 11 half years im 43 years was very sporty like me,i used to run,county,english schools,nationals,half and full marathons,track and crosscountry.and i loved every momment of it,when i got to 30 i new something was up with me,things were changing,and then i was dx at 31,running became a thing of the past for me.well doin it any way,i keep in touch with my friends,i met many pros,i ran with zola bud and others,and still keep in contact.i love any sport on tv now,and carnt wait tillthe olympics.ive been asked if i would like dbs last year by a neuro at queen liz hosp,i turned it down for now,cus i got scared,i watched the documentry and im sorry to say ,its that wot scared me,being awake during some of the time went on rite up till now,ive met a few people who have had the op dbs and ive seen so much difference in them,im now rethinkin ,wot to do as me pd is getting worse and im at a stand still of wot to do now.anyway im raberting away here chirper,:laughing: i should have that name chirper shouldnt i:laughing::smile: there lot of surport here on puk,and many nice people to chat to,i see you around the forum chirper,take care x:smile: