My life

Hi I've Parkinson's for 10years my children did not know until last year because I chose to tell them  I'm 56 they are 23. 25 they panicked just like I did until they researched info I myself find it so hard to understand why me . I have good days most of the time by bad days I feel down and fed up I'm tired and get mad that I can't do things like I used too.i find that I I tell myself off and get myself goin I am happy with my life cause my family are my rock 

Hi Queeny, 

You've a great attitude. We all have days when it's so frustrating not being able to do things the way we used to. Having a good support network is key, if you are lucky. 

I'm in the 'giving myself a kick up the backside' mode today! Got to get off the couch first! 


Hi all today I've been great feel quite proud of myself done a few jobs took me longer than before but I did them I find that if I sleep well I can achieve my goals ,I say out of 7 nights I sleep 4 good  3 not too good .

Hi I would like to find out if anyone enjoys singing because I find it helps me it lifts my mood and strengthens my voice I have been singing for about 8 years now regularly i.e. Every other night I'm not brilliant but I'm in tune I will sing in public with no nerves but if I'm havin a off moment I just wait till it passes ,also do you find people fuss you once they know I hate that I'm not incapable of doing anything I need my independence just because I got Parkinson's it doesn't mean I can't carry on as normal as possible ,people mean well when they say are you ok repeatedly but it's sooooo annoying if I wasn't I would say ?the worst thing to me is over the top fussing I do tell my friends they get me now but it took a while if I want help I'll ask rant over I feel better now