My lovely 12 year old fundraising son

I thought I'd share a feel good story. Thank you to my 12 year old son, Trevelyan, who did a sponsored silence at school yesterday for Parkinson's UK. I was very touched when he came to me a couple of weeks ago with his idea to raise money to mark a year on since my diagnosis with YOPD. He's raised over a £100 and I know not talking all day was a huge challenge for him as he's a chatterbox like his mum!! Thanks also to his wonderful friends and teachers at Sir Thomas Rich's School in Gloucester for supporting his efforts. I'll be sending the funds in as soon as it's all collected later this week. 

Very well done and thank you to Trevelyan! You must be very proud of him





Shhhhhh!!! Be Quiet!!!! Now thats something to shout about !! Well Done Silverkins' Son 

Thanks Bilko and Samdog for your response. His final total was £150. Great effort and generous classmates and teachers. All paid in to PUK last week. big grin

Well done! And it's nice to see you posting.

That's brilliant Silverkins. Please thank Trevelyan for his support!