My mother's odd journey with Parkison's


I am writing you today to maybe find some answers or guidance and i hope some would take the time to at least read this. 

I am 24 years old my mom has been living with Parkinson's since she was in her early twenties before she had me, I guess what is odd about it is the way she was diagnosed she took a hit to her head and started feeling dizzy and tired so she saw a doctor who gave her the medicine Artane she had no other symptoms other than these 2 and before she knew it she go used to the meds and by the time she saw another Neurologist he only changed her meds and she started taking Modopar 125 mg and to this day 20 years later she still takes the same medicine in the same dosage. She never stopped working and never was incapable of doing her everyday chores but she sometimes after she takes her meds experiences cramps and that is starting to trouble her especially with Menaupose.

What i should mention is we're not from the UK i only found this forum through some research since we don't have any places that care about the disease where we are from.

What i do not understand is how can someone be diagnosed with Parkison's without ever being tested in any way or shape, and i always read that the disease is supposed to be degenerative and nothing worsened about her and she takes the same small dose since ages ago. I hope some can at least give me some guidance on the issue

Hi H21,

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Please know that the symptoms someone might have and how quickly the condition develops will differ from one person to the next.

I would advise you to have a look at the 'About Parkinson's' tab at the top of this page. This is where you'll find lots of information about symptoms, drug treatments, side effects and everyday issues and challenges with Parkinson's.

We also have publications you can read here:

You mention you don't live in the UK. Please have a look at these links for national Parkinson's organisations within the EU ( and outside the EU (

If you're unsure about anything, it would be a good idea to see your mum's neurologist, as he will be able to answer any questions you have.

I hope this helps.

Best wishes for both you and your mum,


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where are you from?