My Mum

Morning - I hope there is someone here who can help us. My mum (aged 74) has been suffering for the last year and slowly deteriorating. Right now the symptom that causes her the most pain is a burning sensation in her breasts and upper body?? Apart from the shuffling and shaking she loses her appetite and can sometimes seem confused? She has been under the GP and hospital consultant who have referred her to UCL for a DatScan which she was due to have next Friday 1st July but this has literally just been cancelled due to a shortage of the substance needed to carry out the scan and apparently it is being shipped to the UK but they don’t know when!!! So she remains undiagnosed, untreated and unsure what is to become of her situation? I would love to hear from anyone suffering from this burning sensation as there’s not much associated regarding this with PD? Thank you - for and on behalf of my Mum x