My Mum


My mum has just come out of hospital going in for depression, she has had ect and for a while was totally out of it, saying obscure things and believed everything she was saying, she improved to be able to be sent home, since being home she is in tears and shaking, her walking has deteriorated and seems so fragile, my father is the main carer and does not let her do a lot, we found out today that she has parkinsons dementia and the frontal lobe of her brain has been damaged and this being the part which contols emotions explains why she is crying all the time, this information was given over the phone, when my dad had to ring the clinic for help. as i am sure you can appreciate she is devestated and feels this is a death sentance, i need to find help for her, so she can speak to others and know how life can go on, my mum is 77 and before her illness was a motivated person. i would appreciate any help you can give me to reassure her that life can go on.
Hi Pickles

I'm a new member and have just posted my own worries about my husband who was diagnosed with PD a year ago. I have previously worked with elderly dementia clients,and a book that always stood out for me as a nurse and brought quality to my practice was, ' Dementia Revisited' by Tom Kitson. It's a lovely, practicle and easy read.

hi pickles,welcome to puk forum,im ali ive got pd and been dx for 11 years,im 43 years so sorry to here bout your mum.there is a lot of surport here on the forum,and exercellent advice on puk web site,givin the highest updated information to do with parkinsons and dementia to.there is also a very good help line,which the staff would be more than willin to chat with you to guide you.there are local parkinsons and dementia groups you can join,which will get your mom out and socialize with simualr people in the same condtion as her self,you or your dad can go with her as her carer.many people belong to one and always have good words to say about them. :smile: