My Mum

Hello, I' m new to the forum. My Mum was diagnosed with PD 2 years ago and since then it has been difficult to understand and come to terms with her illness. It has been most difficult for my dad, of course, but we have an incredibly strong and close family and have tried to be as supportive to both our parents as we can. However, after spending 10 days with my parents in their home over the festivities I have come to the conclusion that I know very little about this disease. Although, her physical symptoms have abated due to the medication, it appears that the psychological aspect of this illness has taken hold. She, I believe is depressed and has almost incurred a personality change. It has been very upsetting and difficult to remain positive that she can have a good quality of life. As a family we will get through this, but how, at the moment, I don't know.

A very worried daughter.
Mary Jane
Hi Mary Jane
I can appreciate all of your problems. These will change as time goes by. I can appreciate it from the other side. Since being diagnosed with pd, I have to fight at times to stay positive. At times, it will be hard not to blame mum for some of her actions and moods. I have suffered these swings and although I know whats happening, I cannot stop them. Try to keep mum thinking positive and try and get her to lead as nomal life as possible. It all helps. On the forum you wwill meet a great bunch of people who are only too happy to share their experiences with you. Chin up kind lady
Mary Jane, I'm even newer to the Forum than you. But I wanted to echo what you've already heard. Do what you can to offer support and to accept your mother's moods.
I used to find it easier to keep active socially. Now that my husband has passed away, I find my natural tendency is to stay at home rather than go out without my non-PD escort. I'm working to overcome that tendency. If activity helps your mum fight depression, it might be helpful to suggest outings and to accompany her as often as possible. Sometimes we feel insecure in public, especially if alone.