My new Bathroom

This is probably in the wrong place, but then so is everything in my life at the moment, so…
'Twas on the 13th of September that the bathroom fitter came.
His name was Keith and he was brilliant. He was always punctual, worked without a radio blaring, cleaned up after himself, worked in a small space with the door closed so as to limit the spread of dust through my flat. Credit where credit is due, he was excellent, outstanding.
Then he could not finish the job because the flooring had not been delivered.

Alas on the 16th of September the bathroom fitter went. I was left with the shower working, the lavatory working, no flooring and the basin not fitted, pipes not boxed in etc.
I picked up the phone.
It’s the suppliers. No-one said Brexit, I decided futile to ask.
We may be delivering on the 27th of September. But they didn’t.
It is the 4th of October, I called again. My friend Frankie was busy but I was promised an ‘immediate’ call back.
That was at 10.30 and it is now 11.45.

Have had similar supply problems myself. And just too add to the problems the supplier attempted an unscheduled delivery when I was out. I wish only to empathize,

I hope by now your flooring has been fitted. I still await my delivery. It is scheduled for Monday

No, still waiting. I have now had the experience of waiting in a queue and then when I get to the front, they recognise my number and I am cut off. This from a firm claiming to look after its vulnerable customers and to understand their problems…It is not that I am demanding anything special, as long as it is not fluorescent purple with silver stars I would accept anything, and it is such a small space, if they would just poke about in the back of one of their vans they probably find a piece that would do it.

Oh! That’s really awful. It is the sort of thing that really can get one down. I hope it gets resolved soon.