My OH just got unlucky

My wife has been recently dx'ed and has developed severe mobility problems very quickly.  She has just started Madopar and it will be increased slowly since she also takes other meds that interfere.

We currently have a care package in place, and also an OT to help with living aids advice, but it seems to be a minefield.  I have not yet got the hang of how this Forum hangs together, but I do use another Forum for my own personal health conditions so am not a complete Newbie.

One major problem I have is that I am 70, and not in best of health myself, and also a 10 stone weakling having to manoevre an 18 stone virtually immobile person around, so am looking for tips to help. 

Will come back with some specific questions soon when I have read up a bit more.

Hi It happens, 

Welcome to the forum. 

How are you finding the forum so far? Happy to help if you have any questions and would welcome your feedback.