My own front door

I am 62 years old and was diagnosed with PD in 2006. I am still relatively fit and active but have been making plans for the future.

I am divorced, with a Son at university and live alone. Earlier this year we sold our former family home and I have recently bought a ground floor apartment. The apartment needed a major amount of building work doing on it, so I appointed a reputable local builder and set to work.

One of the jobs that I want to do is to make the front door into my apartment wider to allow probable wheelchair access in the future.

There are no structural issues, the work is straight forward and would be completed in one day. The new door would look exactly like the existing door except it would be wider.

This is my own front door, not a communal door and does not affect anyone else in the block other that they walk past it on the way to their apartments.

Notwithstanding all of this I have received a number of objections from the other residents in the apartments and also from the managing agents.

Has anyone got experience with obtaining permission for wheelchair access who could perhaps give me some advice?
Hello Puccini, what exactly are they objecting to?

I would have thought that given the fact that you've actually purchased the flat and presuming that there's nothing in your deeds about making changes, it should be ok. It is only a doorway for goodness sake! Perhaps you should print a piece from the equalities act and post it on your front door for all to see, or sell up and move quickly...who wants neighbors like that, certainly not me.

Hi Puccini,


I know the types you are talking about. I call them the "do nothing, criticise everything" brigade.

Do you know which people have objected? Do they know your situation? If you explained this, could they possibly change their minds? If not, it doesn't mean you cannot proceed.

Like Glenchass said, look into what your rights are.

Best wishes,