My Parkinsons

My Parkinsons, is probably only applicable to me. Everyone is different, and reading some of these posts, makes me think how lucky I am.

I take four Sinemet a day, and hope they help.

I was diagnosed in 2017, although I now know I had some symptoms well before. I had numb feet three years before, and a minor stroke which I don’t remember, and another since, leaving me with a slightly numb left thumb.

The negatives.

I have high blood pressure and cholesterol. My walking is not what it was, and I sometimes do not feel safe on uneven ground. I have a slight tremor in the left arm and hand. The right is also affected when trying to do anything intricate. I do not have much strength in my hands, and find bottles difficult to unscrew.

My nose constantly runs at every mealtime. I have a nasal spray which is only effective sometimes, and why do I have to chew everything a thousand times, before I swallow? I also forget to switch off lights - possibly a senior moment!

I have recently reached the age of 80 years, and still in one piece. I have never had very good sight, but learn to manage. Loosing my hearing in 2005, was devastating, and took away everything I loved, making music impossible to understand.

My wife has had MS for over thirty years, and I am her carer. After two falls since last November, she is slow to recover, and unable do much for herself.

I can keep very active, and do not suffer any lasting pain, although I am always tired.

After my diagnosis, I decided I needed a hobby to keep my mind active. I am building a model railway, as I have always had an interest in it.


I get an occasional sharp pain, like a pin prick under my big toe. An x ray shows my right shoulder has a worn joint, and for a time my arm was very painful. But that has gone away. From a teenager, until about three years ago, I had a shooting pain from my back, and down my legs. This happened quite a lot, and there was never an explanation. It could last all day, and make walking difficult. This has also gone. I also occasionally have a area of skin that itches, and drives me mad. But it goes.

I sometimes have a pain in left of my neck, nothing cures it, and after about ten days it suddenly goes. I believe these are some of the good effects of Parkinsons.

Sorry for the long post, I just thought you may like to know, parkinsons can have some positive points.

Hi @JohnnyD

Thank you for sharing, I am sure many will be inspired by your positive outlook.


Sue - moderation team

Thanks Sue, I do hope so.

Positivity and finding something you enjoy is key in my view a translation / quote from Voltaire, is one I go by “I have chosen to be happy because it is good for my health”. So do what you enjoy if it is taken from you like your music, for me it is smell find something else. I still enjoy gardening but chose plants on colour and texture / structure fortunately most purchase according to my wife smell lovely as well. I
Keep positive and keep enjoying life. Happy wishes John

Hi ips1926.

I like a bit of gardening myself, but try to keep it low maintenance. We moved here six years ago, and the garden is still not as I would like. I would like colour all year round, but the ground is stony and takes some digging. But I will get there, in the end.

Hello Johnny
Just felt I had to make contact with you as our situations are so similar. I am 86 and was diagnosed with PD in 2011. Like you, I am also carer to my wife who has had MS for approx 25 years, Although, never previously interested in Gardening, I developed an interest during Lockdown and have completely re-designed our garden with a fresh input of herbaceous and bedding plants. The garden was full of stones and builders rubble which I am constantly removing and with the addition of soil and compost I am beginning to get the better of it. When I get up in the morning my first action is to inspect the garden and observe the changes and improvement |I have made, In later life, I have developed a new interest which is giving me great pleasure. My PD has not troubled me overmuch - my main symptom is “Shaking” and I have recently become much slower and started to lose my balance, I no longer drive, having to give up following a car accident a few years ago. My wife and I now get about on Mobility Scooters but I try and walk as much as I can in order to keep active.
Best wishes to you and your wife, Gerrard

Hi Gerrard.

Nice to here from you.

This lock-down has given you a new interest, which is good. I am also much slower now, but PD has not taken over my life. Hopefully I can live with it, and progress the way I like. I have plans for some new shrubs this autumn.

Gardening is my interest also, colour is what gives me great pleasure. Ì have a variety of hebes which so far winter spring summer and autumn keep surprising me with there tolerance and colours. Still experimenting with form of plants but keeps me out of mischief.

Hi Ema.

It’s nice to have an interest, and that’s what keeps us going. My aim, is to have colour all year round, and berries for the birds. It could involve a bit of hard work, but taking it slowly, it will happen.