My Story Since Parkinson's


I have enjoyed a life of sunshine and sin! I used to think I was untouchable. Then I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. I felt physically disabled and psychologically crushed. Luckily, I was able to connect with people who had not let the illness control their lives.

I have always enjoyed reading science fiction epics. I decided it was my turn to write in the genre I loved. Through my writing, I have been able to forget my problems and discover a completely new reality. Now at the age of sixty I have published my first science fiction novel. If this interests you then to find out more about my book and me please visit my website I truly hope people will enjoy reading my book as much as I enjoyed writing it.

I would be very interested to hear about the things people have achieved since being diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. When you are first told you have Parkinson’s it may feel like the end but it is not it is simply a time to take stock of your life. A time to do all the things you may otherwise never have done.


Good to hear your story vanksed and it so true you do start to take stock of your life.  In my case having just recently retired our dream was to travel Europe in our campervan.  Of course we didn't think there was any urgency but my diagnosis gave me the impetus to just get out and do it.  We have made two long trips already, eight weeks to Spain and Portugal through France and we have just returned from a six week trip to the south of France and the mediterranean. We had a wonderful time on both trips and are planning next years.  In the meantime we are decorating our house and doing all those jobs indoors looking forward to being on the move again.  Having PD has certainly made me determined to make the most of what I can do while I am able and not to sit around thinking about it. living in a very small van means little or no housework and if you feel tired you just rest.  I am much more aware of my symptoms now that I am home than when I was sitting in the sun on a beach having the odd swim!


Interesting to hear your story Camargue.  I have just returned home to Australia yesterday after three months travelling which included three weeks in a campervan in Belgium, France, England and Ireland. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and already planning for next year.  I was diagnosed in July 2011 and although my symptoms are not too severe I did experience some problems, mainly with air travel and medication schedules. For the last few legs of my trip I resolved to take my medication when I felt the need rather than a fixed timetable and I managed a lot better.  I also found a benefit in breaking up the longer flights by having stopovers where possible.  I have not thought of writing about my experiences as yet but, who knows, that could be on the cards in the future.  Like you, I am retired so I do have the time. 

My Story Since Parkinson's

Hi Vanksed, I've read your post with great interest as I too was knocked sideways when I was diagnosed with PD back in 2003. It took a while for me to come to terms with my situation, but with the help and support of the people around me I can honestly say that I now treat PD as little more than an unwanted travel companion. The most dramatic change in my attitude to the disease came about last year though when I decided to write a book about my life before, during and after my diagnosis. I had begun to notice a change in the way that friends and family were treating me. I needed to remind people that underneath the very visible signs that I have Parkinson's I am still the same person. 'A Life Worth Living' started in August 2012 and finished with a batch of 100 copies being printed and delivered to me on the 18th June 2013.

The tonic I received from writing my own book was absolutely immense, even now some 4 moths later I'm still feeling the 'buzz'. I've tried without success to get a publisher on board as I really feel that if more people that have a life changing condition read my book and are able to do something similar then they too would feel the benefits? If they're anything like me then by looking back at their lives would leave them with the desire to do more

I've added the two links so you can get a flavour of what the books about - Please remember its not a book about Parkinson's, its a book about Simon Ingram who has Parkinson's.

The freedom you get when sitting down at a keyboard is something that I find truly stimulating. This along with the overwhelming sense of achievement I received from completing my first book have encouraged me to start a follow up book and start a fictional book as well.

My second book 'Living By My Rules' is a follow up to 'ALWL' is intended to highlight more about how PD affects my daily life ... not too detailed though as I tend to focus on the positives.

My Third book 'Living with Demons' is a Sci-fy book about time travel

I'd really enjoy a chat, so please send me a message when you can.

Kind Regards