My twin brother - who asked for him?

Hi and I live in Malawi, Africa where right now floods and lack of electricity and potable water coupled with demolished villages make me humbly aware of how lucky I am to be burdened with only PD. I am 70 years old and existed happily until 2014 when I got some symptoms that will be known to you all and I was badly shaken - literally as well as figuratively to be told I had grown inside of me a twin brother whose name - damn his eyes - is Parky and he is biologically fixed inside of me and I cannot eliminate him so I have to tolerate him. But not willingly I may add. When he starts to rattle my cage I fight back with pills and potions and as he weakens me I go to do exercises and therapy and can now lie down on the floor and stand up which in my previous life needed assistance from above. (like a block and tackle). Also I see nobody speaks to my Parky but since he got into me I have developed a magnificent support group who I address and greet here and most helpful and sympathetic caring professionals who I thank time and again. I enjoyed my 70th birthday recently and my grandson arranged a Liverpool FC shirt for me (I stood on the KOP many many times in the 60’s and 70’s) with the name and number GRAMPS 70 on the back. I’ll wear it always.
A luta continua against all Parkys !! Nyika

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It’s great to have you as a member on our forum all the way from Malawi! :blush:

Thanks for spreading some positivity, I’m sure you’ll receive some supportive comments from our members soon, however in the mean time, you can always explore our website for information on a vast range of things relating to Parkinson’s. You can find our website here -

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