My wife tells me that I'm snoring more when asleep in bed

Good morning.

My wife has noticed that I have been snoring loudly when asleep in bed overnight and she keeps trying to push me to turn over.
I thought it might be due to drinking wine or whiskey in the evening, (not large amounts, honestly) so I stopped drinking alcohol but it seems that I am still snoring.
I didn’t used to snore in bed, so this is why I’m commenting about it here.
I have the usual dry mouth and dribbling symptoms during sleep, but I obviously don’t hear myself snore so I’m hoping for some tips in case this is something I am going to have to live with.
If I cannot find a solution, then I guess I will have to move into the spare room to give my wife some decent nights sleep.

Hi @quadnutter
Sorry to hear about the problem you are facing at the moment.
I would suggest to speak with GP and request to arrange a sleep study to find out whether you have Sleep Apnoea.
My husband is a snorer… he has only hypertension as a medical condition. I ignored the snoring as it is because some people snores some don’t. Then few times he has woken up from sleep with difficulties. At this point my nurse brain started to think medically. Took appointment with gp , as I expected they were going in the different direction but I asked for sleep study which they have agreed. After a long wait managed to get it done and it showed he had 15 episodes of apnoea per hour. Now he is sleeping with CPAP machine and it’s 2.3 or 3 episodes.
So my advice is check for sleep apnoea first.
Take care