My writing

Hi everyone I hope you are all having a good day.
I am having some trouble with my handwriting
Its getting smaller all the time
This is how I can explain.

Why is it when I write my lines
I find it difficult at times
Because with this PD which gets in my way
My writing gets smaller everyday
I cannot control my pen
I cant always read my rhymes
I get a wee bit sick of this, from time to time
Some days when I pick up my pen
In my head I think I write bold again
But alas this is not meant to be
At times I get sick of this PD
I know I have my trusty lap top
But I like pen and paper believe it or not
Let's hope tomorrow will be a better day
Because in my mind I still have lots to say
One day I may turn this PD around
And it's the PD that gets sick of me
And a cure can be found
Hello HEN46......I don't have any answer to your question but I really think you should put your poem in the Creative corner.

All the very best to you
Radz x
Sometimes, when I am writing,
A losing battle I am fighting.
I almost give up hope.
Reading it needs a microscope.
Writing from right to left might do the trick,
cos sometimes it looks like Arabic.
Often my hand will start to shake,
and a simply frightful mess I make.
A cure for PD and I'll be able to cope.
Ah well, I can only live in hope.
At least now my signature fits easily in those little boxes on forms

i have the same problem, i been told as far back as my last years at school that i had very nice handwriting, had loads of people asking me to write letters etc etc but these days since i was diagnosed back some 18 years now when i was 32 my writing has gone too almost unreadable, its like a spider crawling. so i guess thats another item that i can put down to the PD, seems to take more and more out of my life every day that passes, theres more to this PD than people realise, im still hopeful after being told all those 18 years ago when i was first diagnosed that there wud be some sort of cure or better medication available within about 10 years, well 18 years have gone by, with more funding than ever being avalable and yet were all still in the sinking ship. yet as i say theres so many scientists from differant sectors being all out for the same fight which gives us real hope of getting out of this PD ship before we get too old to get any quality of life back, sorry for the negative outlook but thats the way it is, just telling it straight, which i wud have rather been told rather than beating around the bush when i was diagnosed.
Nothing wrong with beating around the bush. Mrs Eck and I do it every Christmas, signing each others prez from Santa. Pretending life is all fluffy and warm, until around the 3rd January when the post arrives, phone calls start, door bell rings, news comes on the tv, trips to the doc, hospital, a&e, burns unit, falls clinic, dog poo needs to be picked up, greetin faced neighbours, brat children, etc, etc. Other than that life is just rosy.

Well PD is no different, if it wasn't PD it would have been something else. If it wasn't for PD I'd never have got the flu jag, a free disability car and a blue badge and innumerable elastic bands from physio and meet loads of fabulous people in a forum. Now if they told you that when you were diagnosed ... The reason they dont is because if everybody found out, they'd all want it.
I have a collection of autographed Muhammad Ali memorabilia, and if you line all the items up chronologically the decline of the great man's signature over the years is as clear as a bell.

It starts as big and bold and confident, but gradually withers away. Those near the present are really just a short, tiny squiggle.

What a shame.