Myoclonic jerks

It's pretty hard to have a disease like this when your young.Im 67 now and can accept the disease as fate.

I wish you young people all the luck in the world.I hope that this new vaccine can help slow it down for you so you have more to look forward to.You have to be able to see your children off married and have grand kids someday.I have 4 wonderful grandkids.Only problem is their computer seems to take away our relationship.Don't let your kids get hooked on any tube or you'll have touble.Im upfront now and tell a it will harm them someday.

jerks have improved with alot less caffeine,moderate exercise,more rest,less stress,better diet,b12 and vit.d


Seems like driving in a car brings the jerks on quite often now.I was hosptialized last week and they did a video EEG.Its definitely myoclonus but it seems more to dowith my spine it's not epileptic type.Id be intersted to know if any of you had eeg and how they turned out.I did try klonipin but it put me intoa walker.Stopped it and I came back.

Thanks so much for listening,john

Well I found another bit of help.Wearing polar sunglasses helps cut down the jerks when out in sunlight.I got this from a epilispsy site.Seems to work as I noticed fewer jerks on rainy cloudy days and also fewer wearing the glasses.I hope this helps you also.

Have you hear about blue coated glasses for dyskinesia help.???

have a nice weekend.


Im full of static too! I can hardly touch anything in my office, its a daily struggle trying to open my locker hehe, how strange lots of you have it too! I get the electric shock feeling in my fingers and toes which causes a jerk, it makes me jump too!

Hi Wpg chap

i to have the jerks started in october .I was on 4x 1.5 25/100 and also taking 1 200 sr sinemet at bed along with the 8 mg sr requip.I think it is over stimulation that is causing the problems. They come and go also noticed worse before a meal . .Any ideas would be welcome.




I went back to my MD doc and he seems sincere in helping me.He calls them tics but I didnt challenge it as it really doesn't matter.One thing I want to thank all of you for sharing as i helps so much to  know we are all together on this.Im suppose to get a pet scan soon and Ill let you know if they find anything.

My gut feeling is it is just a quirky PD problem some of us are so "blessed "with,lol

My RX for it is concentration,get enough sleep and rest periodically  during the day

Merry Christmas 



I made a little video of my condition.Does this look familiar?

Like I said before the jerks come while resting and often after a shock type pain.

As long as Im busy or focused they stay away pretty much

Would like your input