Myoclonic jerks

Do any of you get random jerks of limbs/body?

Also...does anybody else feel electrical pings in their head when trying to sleep or have a permanent internal vibration?

I feel like Frankenstein!
Hi, I get the invisible internal tremor and don't have a visible resting tremor. I get an action tremor instead. I don't get the other symptoms you describe but I have seen them referred to by others on this forum before so I don't think you're alone. Take care.
random jerks - for about 2 hours last night - dopamine agonists seem to help. one neuro said they were normal hypnoclonic jerks (everyone gets those occasionally) but not 50 at a time! i only get them in the legs.
electric zings on going to sleep - yip - a really weird feeling, but dont bother telling your doctor as they dont deal with symptoms they cant see.
internal tremor - used to get it but havent had it for years. have known other people who have it.
Hi Turnip! Do you feel a tension inside before you jerk? Myoclonus doesn't seem to be common in Parkinson's from a Parkinson's perspective but Parkinson's is always listed as a cause from a myoclonus perspective...if that makes sense! Sudden, quite violent jerks of my limbs were one of my first symptoms alongside muscle twitches and excessive fatigue, closely followed by the internal's only lately I've got painful cramps, stiff and slow etc.
Neurologists think the jerks stem from my spine but my EMG was normal. The movement chap I'm seeing next week should be good. No way are these hypnic jerks, doesn't sound like yours are either turnip.
no tension - but often a sharp electric pain in my foot. restless leg syndrome, very common i pd, seems to be a form of myoclonus as are hiccups!
Mycloic jerks; OH has them, mostly at night, but the internal trembling that was mentioned can be at any time of the day.

I keep getting hiccups but never thought they might be linked to PD.

I do occasionally get a electric type jolt in my leg (affected side only)which I assumed was PD related but huccups !!! revelation.

Myoclonic jerks - I get them every time I lie down to rest or sleep. After I close my eyes, I am visited by these spasms which at times are quite violent. They last a few seconds to a minute or more, in different parts of my body. But, once I fall asleep, they go away.
Hi, 6yrs before dx i suffered the big shoulder problem, after physio i woke up to my whole body having these painless jerks that felt like electricity connectors triggering them and my muscles used to blip/twitch all over mainly arms and torso. Ended up seeing prof Bahitar? in London neuro hospital a year later who signed me off as unsolved mystery! .....charming!

I too have myoclonic jerks, mostly when tired I also have RLS and I think they are related. I get an itching/electrical shock at the top of my leg followed by muscle spasm.

Yep me too. Strange though as the neuro said he didn't know what they were, helpful.

Happen at anytime, meaning I do kick people in meetings somethimes (and not always on purpose :wink:).

Here's a weird one - I am full of static!!! Is that becase I don't lift my feet properly when I walk? My OH has taken to prodding me with a finger to de-shock me before I give him a kiss :grin:
dexon - exactly what i get!!!! its always good (?) to know someone else feels exactly the same thing.

drobb - the converse is that if doctors can't see or test something they don't care about it.
seabreeze - i could power a small community with static! never kicked anyone though.
ps because these symptoms are difficult to see or test, doctors never note them, so they remain invisible so doctors dont read about them so they are always 'unusual' symptoms that doctors never note etc...
Count me in with the static too! I could be useful in a power cut. Doesn t happen very often and hadn t really made the connection(!) with PD.

S dog
I too get the leg jerks and feel the tension building up especially when I try and stop it.I also get the electric zings in my feet. It is reasurring to know it's not just me but at the same time its not very pleasant especially when I kick the OH.:cry:
Oh wow, so many responses and all of us jerking away!
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The docs should really take this symptom seriously, does anyone know why it happens? Is the internal tremor just a mixed up brain message? I'll ask at the movement disorder clinic at the national neurological hospital on Tues, they should know if anyone does.
P.S - I'm electrical too! Avoid touching escalator hand belts, car door, and my works tumble drier! OH.. and static shocks! .....Ouch :fearful:



I wondered if you ever found out more about the jerks you had.Mine almost always come after Ive been siting and then I get a sharp pain in back and then the jerks start,I guess they call it a form of spinal myoclonus.Ive talked to others and most say they had back problems along with it.

Reply welcome



Random jerks throughout the day and night.