Myoclonic jerks


Ive had PD for 5 years.I started having myoclonic jerks and hynic seizures in October.The jerks are in both armsat the same time.They are very quick and unlike dyskinisa have no meaning.TMy hynics are shoulder shrugs that tend to push me backwards sometimes violently.

I ve had very little luck with professionals including MD docs in helping me with this.The latest diagnosis was a paltry psychogenic DX.!!!!????

Ive had better luck though with Dr. Google and especially talking to other sufferers.

Cutting down on caffeine slows them along with B12 and folate ,good sleep,and no overexertion.

MY stress is usally under control thanks to Dr.Abraham Low and his 1937 method.

Any fellow jerks feel free to share.




           I sympathise John, my problem  is ever more violent Dyskie,I was diagnosed with parky in 99, I had no idea that 4yrs later I would,,no  no  14 yrs later BLACKHEART would wreck me like this,and as if to compound my misery it accelerates to unbearable levels whenever I am either feeling emotional ,sad happy bad anry pain dentist any positive anticipation such as a visit by family or friends and off it goes, I have the Duodopa pump which is very good and runs well most of the day, but I discovered I was taking on  a little too much dopa, and reduced the capsule intake and it   seemed to work but its returned with a vengence,its really bad.  have you had this awful problem John.

                                             Kind Regards              FED


Hi Fed,

I'm sorry your having such problemsI understand as I had bouts with depression for many years before I found out about Dr.Abraham Low and his method.

I havnt had any emotions problem except lately when the jerks came.I 'm allright sitting but when I get up I feel sort of a dreed feeling.I never had it before the jerks came.I would be stiff but pretty happy

I've read posts from the epilepsy sites and they talk about similar experiences with seizures 

Do you also get the jerks and shoulder shrugs?Im not sure the cause of mine as PD and myoclonus seem to also include dementia which I don't have.

Im pretty good with sinemet so far so it will be awhile before I need the pump or DBS.

Hope I can help you feel better.



Hi Fed,

You will have to forgive me for truly reading your post.I understand that the dyskensia you have advances with emotion.It's awful when people see us out of control.It also tires us immenselyI understand there are a few new drugs soon to be released for dyskinesia.I hope they help you.

Please forgive me for not being  more with it.


Hello there. My first time at this. I was diagnosed 2 years ago and am getting these shoulder jerks. Are they the forerunner of the shakes? Jude from Lovedean, UK.