I retired from teaching 10 years ago. I was diagnosed with PD 4 years ago and still coming to terms with it. About 2 years ago I started writing rhyming poems (apologies to Wordsworth) which keeps my mind occupied. I've also written articles ( mostly memoirs ) on several websites.
many of us have taken to creative pursuits - its sometimes a side-effect of DAs. That's not in any way to belittle our literary efforts but does explain the timing. All efforts gratefully received in poets monthly thread.
hiya boyowelcome to puk forum,im ali im 43 been dx 12 years in november.i carnt spell very good,im dyslexic,but it dunna stop me from trying me hardest to rite poems me self,i feel by riting down expresses how you feel with your moods.there is a potery corner here on the forum,it welcomes all and there has been so many community members posting wonderful poems on there,from short to long.hope to see you around :smile:
Hello Boyo and welcome. Is it at all possible, given your screen name that you hail from Wales.? That might explain your poetic leanings!

As turnip has pointed out, there does seem to be a correlation between pd medication and creative outpourings. Maybe the meds release the inhibition to express what is already inside you? Who knows? As Ali has said Creative Corner welcomes all, the long and the short and the tall (sorry!) I shall look forward to reading your contributions.

Best wishes, and as far as I know poetry did none any harm, except for Byron, Stevie Smith and... Oh dear. Just as well I am not a very good poet!

Hi Boyo ,please share some of your poetry with us.There are some really good poems on creative corner.Then i pop in now and again with my little effort. just to keep the balance.ALL the best ANGEL4U