Name dropping

I've had diagnosed PD since Feb 2013 and have suffered many of the painful symptoms. My worry at the moment is mental problems like impulsiveness, never been me I was always the cautious one but more of a concern I keep forgetting colleagues names and it's getting more frequent. It's happened twice in front of my boss and I tried to laugh it of, not sure if he noticed, what next forgetting what I'm doing....any advice out there.

I wonder if you are taking Dopamine Agonists?

The impulsiveness is a side effect and can get out of control without you realising it.

The confusion etc can also be a side effect.

You might benefit from talking to your neuro, Parkinson's nurse or the helpline.

A change of medication could help you to teurn to a healthier mental state.

Do get help before it escalates.

Good luck!



I have been diagnosed quite a bit longer than you (January 05) but I understand your concerns about potential cognitive effects of Parkinson's etc etc

As GG says impulsive and compulsive behaviour is a possible issue especially if  you are taking dopamine agonists. Definitely worth talking to your neuro, nurse etc. 

Thinking and memory impairments can occur for a variety of reasons. You should not assume that because you have Parkinson's that issues like forgetting a few names are a result of it. Depression and anxiety are common sidekicks to Parkinson's and they don't help you think clearly. They may be caused by Parkinson's, by the meds, by the fact that you are worried about  your job or by something else. In my case lack of sleep was a contributor to reduced mental acuity. In any case it is worth talking to your neuro, nurse or GP about it. 

Have you told your employer about your diagnosis? In the vast majority of cases you are not compelled to inform them (brain surgeons and airline pilots might like to check the small print). It can be helpful to tell your employer if you think that your condition is affecting your work. The Parkinson's UK helpline can offer advice on all these issues. One of the guys on the team specialises in employment issues.

I hope that helps








Thanks both GG and EF I will email the nurse tomorrow if I can remember her name, only joking. I never know what's down to the pd or not. As for the impulsiveness its the little things at the moment like buying the works team biscuits far to often, buying music on line and the like. I worry that the problem will grow..

I have told my employer about my condition and they have bent over backwards for me and because of that I don't want to let them down. I want 3 more years working, out of choice, they treat me well and my knowledge is still respected.

thanks again people ...