Name that tune

I heard a great song but don't know what it is called - can anyone help ? want to sing it on karaoke you see - starts off very slowly with piano - plink plink plink pli plinckety plink per plonk - then ver zing me ang zer bong duff sssshhhrr oh know she broke my heart - la la lee uuummmm ooooohhh - I think she is beautiful djrrrrrrri ping per ping oooff - chorus goes but I am on fire yeh yeh and she wont be woman fire fire lang dang dang - any ideas ?

MMmmm is it Lordi and who's your daddy B.... ????:rolling_eyes:

mmm - might be - how does that go ?

well its sort of goes!! naarr da da da hayyyy kkkerrrrr kaaaa boom de boom whos your daddy B.... whos your daddy and obay ggarrr dadada be boom !!:stuck_out_tongue:

no no no - it is definitely not that

Mmmm ok so is it ac/dc whole lot of Rosie???

I know that song well - not it though but thanks for your help

lol sorry I really don't know what song it is then I only know heavy rock songs!! Really wish I knew wot it was tho so you look after someone or do you have pd??

pd look after myself

aaarr right!!! So do you find it hard living by yourself?? Or are you a person who just thinks frig the world and do as you please???

yes sometimes can be difficult alone but can please myself - like to be well ordered - happy alone

right so your happy being by your self?? Or is there a special women/man in your live who helps you out sometimes???

don't yet have any outside help - 2 or 3 people I can count on if desperate

Right ok!!! Sounds like you have some really good friends!! But don't you feel like your missing out on somethings?? Xx

yes - missing out on knowing what this song is called

:confused:oh yes forgot that lol right last go trying as need me bed is it Bruno mars I think I want to marry you??? Xx

how does that one go ?