Nasty things

coolWhy do anti PD drugs + HUMANS = Bad

           Its old sods law  at work again,  we need the  drugs so we risk all,marriage savings friends family I am sure  you will know where this is  heading, I have been oh  well  I still am dodging the  demons manufactured by  my  Dopa  intake ,I am  slowly pushing them  back in the  hell hole whence they came but as soon  as I get one evil mind  warping effect mastered another pops  up, why does it have to be nasty things , dangerous damaging nasty  things that haunt me , why cant it  be nice caring unselfish behaviour which  is my true nature that comes to the surface, luckily I am blessed with enough willpower to deal  with the nasty  things, but  what about  the  poor victims newly afflicted who  have  no idea  what  may  lie ahead, its  a  case of  trial and error until the  right  meds are found, yes  its the  only  way  to defeat   the  nasty  things, there is another way of  course  but  we  wont  go  there.