National Insurance Contributions


I was under the impression that i did not qualify for any benefits despite having Parkinson's and being a carer. I have recently found out that with a sick note I can have my contributions towards my pension paid. I hope this is correct.I still cannot find any reference to this on the site or anywhere else. At least one day I might get a state pension if they don't keep putting the age up! I am posting this in case others are in the same position.

Hi mandybike,
Interesting,thanks for the post.
I have had plenty of probs in this area,any wonder people get down.National insurance contributions being a big hurdle in my life.I have mentioned the situation a couple of times on here before.
I worked part time for about 5 years until February this year when I had a disaster of a Gall bladder op.When I tried to make a claim for ESA,I was not entitled due to lack of National Insurance contributions for the years working part time.I was and still am a House husband of sorts.I looked after my 1st Grandson 3 days a week for 3 years in order for my Daughter to go to college and then move on to her training and eventual job as a teaching assistant.I was there for my Late Father in Law,as he succumbed to that curse called Alzheimers,followed in Tandem by my adoptive Mother who languishes still.
Being there for others has left me in a trap,suppose it's my fault for being naive,but hey!,there was a lot going on,back several years ago,PD was not on my shopping list of Woe.
So with no applicable National insurance contributions and my Wife working full time,cannot claim.I sign on now,for a National Insurance stamp,but have to at least make efforts to find a job,which at present is laughable.Had a run in with "The Gestapo",at the job centre yesterday.What an infuriating sad set of marching around,high and mighty losers they are.
Went for an on line(has to be on line now)job application at ASDA.After 2 hours of procedure and on line tests,an error occurred and all was lost.Was going to make a complaint and went through all official pd sources(information support worker,passed on to pd Uk etc)What were my rights.Things only went pear-shaped when they asked the on line question"Do you have a disability" followed by "what is your disability."
Now!,in the last members publication,there was a section on a person rights when applying for a job.It stated that generally being asked if you have a disability was not allowed until a job offer was made.
The info I was then given stated the following:
(Which is typical of the joke of a country we live in.)
Before you are offered a job or placed in a pool of successful people,you can only be asked about your health or disability:
- to help the person recruiting to find out whether you can take part in an assessment.
-to help them decide whether they need to make reasonable adjustments for you to a selection process,like an interview or test.
-to help them decide whether you can carry out a task that is an essential part of the work.
-to help the to monitor diversity among people applying for their jobs.
If they want to know you are disabled because they want to increase the number of disabled people they employ.
-if they want to know you are disabled because it is a requirement of the job that you have a disability.
-for the purpose of National security checks,
Talk about covering all bases,we have no rights,amongst all the "to help them's"we have no rights whatsoever.Needless to say,have left it there.In fact,like countless others"left in Limbo"is a better expression",left in the lurch"is another.
This country sucks,persecutes the vulnerable,does not support those most in need,does not consider individual circumstances,is uncaring and is accountable for the ending of many a potential fruitful life,because that person has been pushed over the edge.
So mandybike,you offer a chink of light which I shall look into today.The sick note,I won,t hold my breath though,I was under the impression you had to be employed to receive a sick note,in fact I provided sick notes a few years back when working part time and ill,and still got turned down foe ESA,BUT HERE'S HOPING.
Apologies for such a long response but,the question fell right into recent events which needed to be aired.
Thanks for sharing the information
All the best

Hullo ..Mandybike..and ...others pension contributions the moment to qualify for a full state pension you need to have fully paid up 30 years at the full rate ( e.g I have just had a pension quote I have paid in for 45 years ) and will get in just over a years time a full state pension )
Other allowances carers ..D.L.A. E.S.A.... get on to your local area manager for the dept of work and pensions and see what you may be entitled to and if you need assistance to fill out these very confusing application forms they can send someone round for a home visit to complete them with you ..I have just done that and submitted a request for D.L.A...( once again unless you ask no sod will tell you I first looked at D.L.A. a couple of years ago but could I find some one to assist in filling out the form could I not..even Parkinson,s,s U.K. were not any help )
However do not be put off in applying for any benefits or allowances the system is designed to be obstructive and intimidating even the letter I was sent prior to my home visit was intimidatory in its tone
I hope this entry may assist others ..nil..desparundum et iligitium carbarundum

If you can get the gist of my latin quote though I do speak Spanish..and a fair bit of fraingley...Kind regards ...Ian (M)

Hi everybody re my last entry and application for D.L.A.
it did not take long ...the woman that came round from the D.W.P
to assist in completing the application form spent all of 15 minutes
completing the form ( she could not get out quick enough my dear lady wife said she was very helpful !! )
I said what about any other information to support my application she said dont bother I have got enough information sign the form and leave it with me ( did I smell a rat or what??? )she was only there because she had been told to be there and it showed she was not iterested in me or my application however she left pronto saying that in about five to six weeks I would have a reply..

She should of said five to six days today.. a week to the day.. I recieved a letter stating my application for D.L.A.had been declined (without any recourse to my G.P.or consultant wwho were prepared to support my application) solely on the evidence supplied on my application form
However I am going to challenge as to how this totally out of order.. outrageous decision was arrived at.. without recourse to professional opinion with blatant disregard and undue haste

Watch this space I am a bit miffed as it were I do not give in this easy

Regards to all ...Ian (M) ( nil desparundum et illigitium et carbarundum )

P.S. the fact that now the D.W.P. has privatised in effect the running of the department to a Government agency (ATOS a French utility company) perhaps may have a little influence to any recent decisions on whether to grant allowances etc

Have you asked the Citizen' Advice Bureau? They should be able to offer you a home visit and do a complete benefits check for you to help you claim everything you are entitled to. If you're claims are declined they should challenge it for you. They have loads and loads of information. They are not a government organisation and you may need to persist to get them on the telphone as they have volunteers to answer this. It is very much worth a try. Their aim in life is to ensure that no one suffers through ignorance of their rights love sunray