National phone alarm day

For all those caring for someone with Parkinson’s who rely on their phone for communication there will be a national alarm test on Sunday 23rd at 3 o’clock in the afternoon. This may prove alarming for those who are bit confused and not expecting it. Just a heads up because everyone’s phone will go off!

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Reports that a significant number of people failed to get the warning/message despite being in an area with adequate coverage. I suspect its down to individual phone default settings or software version.

Emergency alert test fails to sound on some phones

An emergency test alarm system went off on millions of people’s smartphones at 15:00 on Sunday.

I didn’t get it. I’m told that the 3 network didn’t get it. N

Only 4 G and 5 G [ generation] phones get it evidently :roll_eyes:
But even some of them didn’t work either