Natural progression or something else

Good morning all, I have my lovely father in law staying this weekend, mostly to give my mother in law a bit of breathing space. Have noticed what to me feels like quite a quick change. The hallucinations are much more frequent and taking him a lot longer to realise that they are as he prefers to call them apparitions. Early hours of this morning he went to the bathroom, next door to his bedroom and although he found his way back was very disoriented about where he was. Then this morning I could hear him almost pacing about I went down and he seemed distressed when asked he knew where he was but was still back in the feeling of earlier. He has had bloods done recently to check for signs of infection which basically came back ok. My husband is a paramedic and I work in a nursing home so we both have some medical knowledge, probably not a good thing! I guess what I’m asking is what are we missing?

I don’t think you are missing anything but this seems part of his disease progression - I’m no specialist but am an ex-nurse and my husband’s family has a history of PD and related disorders. If possible, and going on our personal experience, could one of you stay with your father in law, keep to his usual routine, next time your mother in law needs a break rather than having him stay with you? My husband is very much less likely to become disorientated when at home, rarely does so, but I’ve noticed he’s increasingly likely to do so when we’re away even though I’m with him & can help ‘ground’ him.

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Hi my husband has had pd since 2013 and over the last 6months has become very confused and having hallucinations, he began speaking very quiet and could hardly walk some days. He has now after plenty of blood and urine test coming back all clear been diagnosed with lewy body dementia. My husband is 58 and managed his illness well until now.