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Has anybody got some info on the benefits of eating broadbeans

Here is a link to a previous thread about Broad beans, lots
of interesting information.

this quote puts the anti-fava/broad bean argument neatly

Fava beans contain levodopa, the same constituent in the major anti-PD medication levodopa/carbidopa Sinemet and in Stalevo carbidopa/levodopa/entacapone. Some patients believe fava bean consumption is helpful for treatment of their symptoms. However, the amount of levodopa found in fava beans is very small. It is said that three ounces about 84 grams or + cup of fresh green fava beans, or three ounces of canned green fava beans, drained, may contain about 50-100 mg of levodopa, which is the equivalent of about + to 1 tablet of 25/100 Sinemet. But levodopa derived from eating fava beans is much less effective than the medication carbidopa/levodopa simply because most levodopa that is ingested is qickley metabolized in the liver and never has access to the brain. That is why levodopa is given as a combination of levodopa/carbidopa; the carbidopa inhibits the enzymes that breaks down levodopa before it can get into the brain.

not to mention the wind problem associated with a cup-full of broad beans
There's a wealth of info on Neurotalk - the expert is Aunt Bean, search their archives too

Growing them

I grew them last summer but most were eaten by insects:frowning:. A small 2 or 3 inch long bean gives you a buzz ( I was not on meds ). You can eat them pod and all, raw.
Growing them is fascinating; the ants turn them into a blackfly FARM! Honestly; they look after the blackfly and move them around your plants like shepherds moving sheep to better pastures. They then suck something delicious out of the blackfly's bottoms.
Worth the experience just to watch it happen but didn't get many for me to eat!
I've just put this last post on because i would like to ask a question i suppose i know it must be a con but i would like to know what you think
I personally think it is a disgrace, tapping into peoples fears. People who are prepared to spend what little money they have on a potential'cure'.

I don't believe a word of it but let me know if you decide to go ahead and get cured!!!

I don't believe the drug companies 'don't want to find a cure'. I believe it would be a huge boost for them and researchers to find a cure. They will then move on to develop drugs for other conditions, there is no shortage of diseases is there !!!!

Anyway 'The cure' is likely to consist of a drug of some sort so they will continue to make their money .
Mr Matt Traverso also cures alzheimers, diabetes, fibromyalgia, osteoporosis and lots of other medical conditions I can't spell.

turnip's fifth rule

the believability of a treatment is the inverse of the number of conditions it claims to cure
I looked at the link ''how to reverse parkinsons...." and i was hooked until i found out how much it cost!

Im interested in improving my diet and agree what we eat could be the cause of pd (hidden chemicals, toxins etc) but i already eat fruit, veg, salad, nuts, seeds.........

Any one got any suggestions on inproving my diet?

Big C