Neck muscles?

I haven't written for a long time - nothing much has changed since my diagnosis in May '12 - still on same low dose meds and still working.

But last week I noticed a strange sensation in my neck. I feel like it's getting very tight and like it's pulling inwards (difficult to explain). The space in the front - where I would have an Adam's apple if I was male- seems to go inwards, causing quite a dip and  my neck feels very rigid and flat across the front. I'm still able to move my neck, breathe and swallow, but it's a nasty, uncomfortable feeling and I'm worried that it might get worse and cause breathing problems. Does anyone know what I mean? Is this a PD symptom or something else?


It's good to hear that things have not changed much for  you in over 2 years.

I was dx 10 years ago and have had similarly slow progression. Over time I have had to increase my dose of meds and I'm a bit slower than I was.

At various times I have experienced stiffness in my shoulders and around my neck but nothing as marked as you describe. That doesn't mean it isn't caused by Parkinson's. Does it get better when you take your meds?


Thanks for your reply.

No, there's no connection to the taking of meds; it happens at any time of day. Yesterday I had it a lot, today only this evening so there's no pattern to it. (I'm taking meds 3 times a day)

I often get a stiff neck but this is completely different. It's at the front, like it's caving in. It's a very uncomfortable feeling. I guess it's not a common PD symptom as no-one else has replied; so I don't know if it is the PD causing it or if there's something else. I suppose I'll give it another couple of days and maybe go and see the doctor (if I can get in!)

I was hoping someone might have recognised the description.