Neck problems

My father has got parkinsons and alzheimers and is 67 years old. He is living in a care home and has developed a very curved neck. We think it might be because the staff have put too many pillows behind his head when sleeping, pushing his head forward.

Are there any pillows on the market that could compensate this and maybe help return his neck to a more comfortable position?

At the moment we are having to place a pillow to the side of his head and lie him to the side to aid better sleep.

Thanks in advance for any helpful advice received.

hi ,welcome to the forum,i have problems with a stiff neck,but also problems with my bottom two discs of my spine,to get comfortable in bed is very difficult,i have been given a back surport from the district nurses to keep my body up,and not have pressure on my back and it also helps with my neck too.i put to duck feather pillows against this as well and rhe relief is brill,im sure this will help him.xx:smile:
Hi Ali J,

Thank you so much for the information. My father doesn't use a back support so I will definitely pass on the suggestion to the staff at the care centre. Thanks again Ali:smile: