Neck spasm

hello my name is darrell I am 63
I have had parkinson since march 2021 apart from all my other symptoms with parkinson
I am starting to get spasm or cramp in my neck
it happens regular like most of the day on and off which is very painful its like a shock to the system when it happens I can’t stop it just comes and goes
does anybody else get this darrell

Hi Darrell, like you I was diagnosed with PD in 2021l and within the past week I have been experiencing cramps and spasms in my left arm which come and go as they see fit. They are extremely painful, like an electric shock sensation and I am at a loss as to how to remedy the situation. Some people have suggested dystonia but I am not so sure. I also experience periodically a burning sensation in my neck which is most uncomfortable. I am taking Madopar 4 times daily and a slow release tablet at night. I am wondering if it could be the medication, It is interesting to note that we have quite a similar profile. I will be 63 next month. My left arm is quite painful and I find it almost impossible to lift my left hand up to my mouth. I have all the other PD symptoms so I am not in the best of form at the moment. I keep thinking I have something more serious than PD. Please keep in touch and let me know if you find some relief to your situation. Take care!

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hello boomerang83
thank you for your reply
like you a have I have all the other PD symptoms and I wonder when I will stop getting new symptoms every day is a task.
I still work Monday too Friday which is very hard and now with this new symptom of spasms and cramp which comes and goes to add to the list of symptoms
I take co-careldopa every 4 hours and a slow release tablet at night
we do seem to have a similar profile I turned 63 last week how strange is that
if I find some relief I will let you know
again thank you for your reply

Hi Darrell I was just wondering how you are getting on since we last chatted. Have your symptoms cleared up any? I seem to have got worse particularly spasms and cramps in my left arm. Someone on the forum recommended I try Potassium supplements so here goes. At the moment all I am taking is combined codeine and ibuprofen to ease the pain. My PD nurse has upped my dosage of madopar so I’ll try that as well. Hope all is good with you. Take care.

hello boomerang83
still getting the spasms in my neck and now seems to be in all of my body not all of the time but when I try to relax which is hard it starts its like a have no control off my body.
when i get this which can be most of the week on and off it makes my other symptoms get worse especially the fatigue which is horrible
hope the potassium supplements help you
thank you for your concern