Neck trauma brought on Parkinsons

I was was diagnosed with PD last week, I had moderate neck and shoulder pain in 2017 and my physio gave me neck traction in November which instantly shifted the pain to the other side of my neck and made it burning in sensation. Within the week I had onset of PD symptoms. DATSCAN last week was unfortunately positive. I am obviously new to this but any helpful advice or similar comments would be appreciated

Hi Jonnie1

Interested to hear about your diagnosis, after the shoulder and neck pain. What are your PD symptoms? I have had chronic arthritis for some years, including shoulder and neck stiffness. It was a hand tremor that caused me to ask about PD, and a Datscan confirmed moderate PD in January. It seems I have probably had it for 5-7 years. My walking is not brilliant, but has not changed much, and most of my symptoms are much as before, although I now have the PD label as well. I am trying to do more exercise which, hopefully, will delay things getting worse.

It seems impossible to separate one problem from the other and to know which needs most treatment. and indeed what treatment. I have been taking Sinemet plus for a month, and imagine that I am walking better - the family says so anyway.

Keep us posted with your progress.


Hi Jonnie1,
I had neck and shoulder problems for a year or two before diagnosis. Alot of my symptoms are stiffness in my arm, hands and legs. All in my right side.
Like everyone says any exercise is beneficial. Ital depends how much you can do. Big movements are best. Unfortunately there’s no one size fits at all for symptoms or medication. You will find someone on here to relate to.
Keep living life anx looking after yourself.

Hi Joanne
All my pd symtoms are on my left hand side. Hand tremor and juttery arm movements. . I was surprised when told it was parkinsons in november 2017. . Please dont let it get you down . I put my family through hell and back . Dont let it dictate what you can and can not do . Yes you will have limits like i have but i work around them . . Somethings take a little longer . But im in no rush and neithet should you. You cant do anything about it. But intime you will adjust and sooner than you think
Take care
Gob bless


I have read that neck and shoulder pain are amongst the first symptons of PD to appear.

This was the same for me plus writing went all small . I was told this was due to my right arm not swinging when I walked causing stiffness and pain in my neck and shoulder .

Interestingly , (is that a proper word?)pain gone now I am swinging my arms about like a windmill.

Agree with others exercise helps stretches anything you enjoy, that keeps you active.
Lots of threads/posts on exercise on the forum and main pduk site… have a peek.

Take Care

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Hi TeeHee

Very interested to see what you say about neck and shoulder pain being among the first symptoms of PD to appear. I have never seen that mentioned before.
Where can I read a list of PD symptoms, their frequency and how they are likely to progress? How is it possible to tell when symptoms are PD and not for other reasons?


Many thanks to all who have posted and replied. I am 52 and have always endeavoured to be fit and healthy. I have been sufferering with neck pain and a physio gave me neck traction in November 2017, instantly the pain was different and within 5 days I started to tremor in right arm. MRI scan didn’t show any great problem in the neck so had nerve conductivity test which in turn led me to a neurologist who diagnosed Parkinsons which was backed up last week with the positive DATSCAN.

I am now taking Rasagiline. Struggling to get any advice and local PD nurse off sick…

I am sure that the trauma set off my Parkinsons symptoms; but I know we can all look back and want something to blame. But suspect there may be similar experiences.

Many thanks again for all the supportive comments; much appreciated

Hi @Jonnie1,

Welcome to the forum.

It’s great to see that you’ve already received a lot of support from your fellow forum members. I thought you’d be interested to know that we have a ‘newly diagnosed with Parkinson’s’ section on the Parkinson’s UK website which is good place to start for information and support.

I noticed that you mentioned your PD nurse is off sick - you can contact our helpline service on 0808 800 0303 and one of our advisers can arrange for a Parkinson’s nurse to contact you. Please do give them a call as soon as you can and they’ll be happy to help you.

I hope you find the forum helpful and engaging.

Many thanks,