Need a new computer. Any advice?

I need a new computer unfortunately. Has anyone got any advice in respect of purchasing a computer that can deal with symptoms of Parkinson’s disease? For example built-in dictation which is easy to use and anything else which might be useful?

Regards forest.

Not an easy question to answer. First start by asking yourself what do want to do with the computer. Then do you need a keyboard, and if so do you want a Qwerty keyboard. Then do you need a tablet, laptop or desktop. Then are there any software requirements; will it be used for work.
Apologies for simply asking questions but I would not like to give you unhelpful comments

Yes I guess that’s a good question. I like to write and just internet access. Maybe all I need is an iPad? I shall re think.


If you are considering an iPad my suggestion would be, if possible, to contact a store near you, if there is one and explain your personal requirements. The store should then arrange for a member of the team to ensure that your requirements are met and how to use the requesite features.
This was standard practice a couple of decades ago, when I was a member of the team. I hope it still has the same ethos.

haven’t tried them myself but Ability Net have an excellent reputation and maý be worth your looking into

Thank you for your advice and suggestions. Plenty to think about and look into.