Need advice please

  I'm waiting to  see a neurologist not been diagnosed yet but suffering  symptoms of pd  but now getting  bad  pain go ing from my shoulder to my hand  and normal pain killers not helping  thanks  for your advice 

could be nerve pain !

Hi magenta

have you seen your gp about this he could give you something stronger, i was diagnosed in 2003 and a few months later started with pain in my shoulder (turned out to be frozen shoulder)  i thought that this was it part of the pd it was extremly painful and because i blamed the pd didnt do anything about it but it eventually went, if you dont mind me asking what are your other symptoms.


Hi Magenta.....welcome to the I also had quite severe pain in the shoulders and neck and right arm which turned out to be a frozen shoulder and despite pain killers and steroid injections i needed an MUA which sorted it out and got the mobility almost back completely, fab. I had no idea at that time that i had  early Parkinsons but i also had lots of other symptoms as well some 4 years before diagnosis. Including loss of sense of smell ( i returned 3 bottles of perfume to various manufacturers as i thought they must have altered the ingredients!!!! ) i shuffled when walking and the legs felt heavy, restless legs for years, sleeping was a treat when i got some! rigitity in the right hand and arm, jerky right thumb, woozy head, couldn't swing right arm when i walked and a bit of a tremor. It was such a relief to be given a diagnosis and put onto medication that has helped so, so, much. People that i meet say that they don't believe i have it, i dance, walk and find exercise and keeping as positive as possible helps enormously. Like Gus says it could be nerve pain, just make a list of all your symptoms when you see your Neurologist so as you don't forget anything, and try not to worry. Easier said than done i know, but whatever is causing your pain it can be treated. Everyone on this Forum has similar experiences but we are all here for each other and anytime you want to chat or need some support, you have come to the right place.

My warmest wishes



dolly whats mua please

Hi Gus.........It is manipulation under worked a treat, when nothing else did.big grin


been having physio for my shoulder strap it then ice have to go careful as wires in same side as pain ! thanks  dollymaz

Hi thank you both for your  replies other symptoms include right arm/hand tremor  right arm has lost its swing, slow walking right  side seem to drag at times im unsteady on  feet  ive been physio and   now have  stick he thinks its pd  too ,also fatigue .

You are very welcome...i also had all the Physio, ice, steroid jabs and it still was agony and seized up. The op  got me back 100% of movement straight away, but as it hurt i was scared to move it, they gave me physio straight after recovery and with the help of pain killers to begin with, i moved the arm like it hadn't moved in a long time and it is now , i would say 90% better, i am more than chuffed with that. What are the wires for Gus....if you don't mind me asking?


dbs deep brain stimulation so they have to go carefull where tugging and pulling got bed lever fitted now that helps ! gus