Need help

Hello all friends my name is phath , 30 years old from Cambodia . I hate Parkinson's disease so much . Because of this disease I lost my job and because of this disease my future is finished . Now a day , I only stay home . I have no job and I can not go to work like before . Also now my father is retire. So now my life is seem moving to the darkness. I am very stiff in the morning and when the medicine is off . Presently , I can do any movement normally only for one hour to two hours after taking medicine . I have tried talk to the doctor to solve this problem, but she replied to me she did not know how make me better than this because she is not specialize in this disease . After that I know that there is no doctor who specialize in this disease . Any way , the medicine that I use now is expensive .

There fore , I am not happy and I really worry about my living . How do I live if I still like this ? . I am writing here to need help from all generosity friends . if someone can help me or support me to get treatment in abroad , I agree to serve them without any condition .
hiya phath,welcome to puk forum:smile:im ali,ive been dx with pd for 11 and half yesrs,im 43 years so sorry to here about your situation phath,and that your feelins are so low,big hugs to you x:smile:i do understsnd though phath about you not working no more,i had to give my job up also 6 years ago,i miss it terribly.which medication are you on at the momment phath?as far as getting advice about medication over here in england,it may be a good idea to call the help line of puk,they mite be able to guide you,there number is at the top of this page.good luck phath x:smile:
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yes thank you so much for your advice. but i have already contacted them by email . they said they can not help me . so do you know another way to help me? .