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Hi all,
I am due to go into hospital on Monday to have. Malignant lump removed from my boob. I have had my pre op assessment and was told to take all my PD drugs as normal prior to admission. The problem is I have just read about Azilect and it says that you should not have an anaesthetic unless It has been stopped for 2weeks. I need some advise big time. Has anyone had a general anaesthetic while on Azilect.

i would double check with your anethsitist when you arrive at hospital. The manufacturer's leaflet does give a warning but they may be covering their buts! i have had an operation and dentistry with selegeline which is similar. The anethsitist should talk to you first so you will have a chance to check.

ps a slight change of emphasis - make absolutely certain your anethsitist knows your are on azilect!

I had surgery last year and the surgeon checked with the anesthetist and they decided I should not stop taking Azilect. I had a general anesthetic and had no problems. Good luck with your procedure. Roman

its only some anesthetics but its worthwhile double checking that your anethtetist is using the right one.

Hi Roman,

I'm on Azilect and last year did a colonoscopy. I don't know what kind of anesthesia I had. All I know is that they gave me something and I woke up after the procedure. I also remember discussing Azilect with the anesthetist just before she gave me the stuff and she said it was ok to go ahead with it (but maybe that depends on the type of anesthesia they give you).

My suggestion is that you make sure your anesthetist knows that you are taking Azilect... and follow their advice on going ahead or not.

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Hi all,
Just letting you know that surgery went well and that my panic over Azilect was not a problem. The anaesthetist was not concerned that the meds had not been stopped. She said that stopping them could cause more problems. So panic over.

Hi wifit,

Glad that it worked out and really great to hear that your surgery went well !!

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