Need some advice about my dad

Hi there,

My dad has dementia with lewybodies and parkinsonism, but i sometime think he got parkinson’s dementia. My dad been bed ridden for 3 days now, he had symptoms for 3 days which are slow movement, rigidity all over his body and tremors this as impacted his ability to get out of bed and sit up on his own. Feed himself and give himself his medication as he is a type 2 diabetic. he can’t not grip his walking aid, he is sleeping all day and me and my mum help feed him because of his symptoms. he also had pain in his body which has effected his symptoms even more.

He started 6mg in the morning and evening of Rivastigmine. he as not be given any medication for his rigidity and tremors. over the weekend he had problems also with speech and not getting the words out, problems getting his thoughts together to respond to our voice. he also has no facial expression he got blank look. He don’t see his Parkinson’s nurse for the first time on the 25th January 2021. he has had no support for these symptoms for the tremors, rigidity and slow movement. my dad been struggling with these symptoms since the first lockdown. i am thinking about phoning Parkinson’s uk charity helpline tomorrow. Can anyone on here give me any advice on here or as anyone else been in this situation .

Hi my husband has Parkinson’s dementia was diagnosed in November of 2020 . Parkinson’s uk helped towards getting him diagnosed as they advised us with what to do as our Parkinson’s nurse was a waist of time after years of being as he was they told us they didn’t want to diagnose him too quick but hospital dr diagnosed him within a week. He now has rivastigmine patch every day and his other meds for Parkinson’s . He is now doing a lot better. So yes I would get in touch with Parkinson’s uk as they really do help with reassurance and any help they can give you