Needing help completing PIP's Mandatory Reconsideration Notice


Hi All
Yesterday I received my PIP's assessment result informing me that I no longer qualify for the high rate mobility and that I have been down graded to the standard rate.  This despite the fact that I have had the DLA  high rate mobility for the past 9 years.  (DLA was awarded indefinitely but this doesn't seem to matter).   I am stressed out and can't think straight.  What should I write in the mandatory reconsideration notice?  Unfortunately I do not have a copy of my original application as the person who helped me fill in the forms forgot to take a copy!
The letter stated:
Planning and following a journey     -   0 points
Moving around                                  -  10 points

Moving around states - "you can stand and then move using an aid or appliance more than 20 metres but no more than 50 metres"  -  this is not so.  I can't stand still  for more than 10 seconds as I  feel    I will fall down. Can't wait in queues at check-outs for this reason.  As for walking I think up to 10 metres is a more accurate distance. As for planning a journey - if it's somewhere new to me I have to take someone with me to do a dummy run or I wouldn't be able to go without doing this.  I need constant reassurance.
I know many  PWP have had big problems transferring to PIP's so I am hoping that someone may be able to help me through their own experiences.
Many thanks.



I would suggest phoning the helpline or contacting your local Parkinsons Information and Support worker.

I was at a  regional PUK meeting last week and we were told that PUK has a good success rate on such appeal processes.

BTW, sack the person who helped you.


Wishing you all the best.



please go to your citizens advice who will do everything for you.!!!


Hi benji

Thanks for your support..I really appreciate you taking the time to help.  I will keep you posted.





Hi Glasgow girl


Many thanks for your reply.  It's greatly appreciated.  Will keep you posted.





Hi Powrie

You have my sympathy I am going through the same process at the moment. I have been downgraded from enhanced to standard rate care on PIP despite being on high rate DLA indefinitely and am now waiting the outcome of my mandatory reconsideration request without much hope.You need to act fairly quickly to get your request in because you only have a month from the date they sent their letter not the date you received it ( which in my case took nine days !). The advice from Glasgow Girl and Benji is good, either one of these organisations will help you. Did you have to have a face to face assessment? If so you could do with ringing DWP and asking for a copy of the assessors report. 


Hi Trish53

Yes I had a face to face with the assessor in my home.  I have rung the DWP asking for information regarding the mandatory reconsideration letter.  They were actually very helpful. CAB helped me with the mandatory reconsideration letter and it has been posted off.  This time I have copies of the letter!  So fingers crossed  Will keep you posted.



The reason why so many people are having problems switching from DLA to PIP is that the goalposts have shifted. This is seen most in the mobility award, where specific distances are now the rule. It has to be said, on DLA, some folk with motability awards could walk a sight further than 20m. It matters little if you think that's unfair, those are the rules. You won't get higher rate mobility if you can, whether that is with sticks or not.

Similarly, with daily living, each question on the form scores so many points. If your point score doesn't reach the higher level, you'll either get standard rate, or in some cases nothing at all. 

This makes assessing the degree of disablement fairly straightforward. And those same standards are applied in mandatory reconsideration, and also in appeals. 

It should be remembered that these awards are not meant as income replacement, they reflect the additional costs of being disabled- employing a cleaner once or twice a week, or using a taxi for the weekly shop. 

For info, I've just been awarded enhanced rate mobility and standard rate daily living. Just in time - I'm 65 in January.


Mandatory Reconsideration Letter

After many weeks and phone calls I finally received the result of the Mandatory Reconsideration Letter.  The DWP have awarded me the enhanced rate for both components of PIP's. I am over the moon!  Welfare Rights people say this is rare  and that normally the decision would be taken at a tribunal. I am to receive backdated payments also.





Hi Powrie

Im so gld that at last common sense prevails.

So pleased for you. But remain angry that people like us are put through this.

Best Wishes x x x 




Hi Powrie


Congratulations on your news , I agree with Glasgow girl very much, people with Parkinsons or any other Neurological disease should not have to go through this stress and meaning to feel degraded for something they didn't ask to have in the beginning.

I am so pleased for you - Shefinn


Hi Shefinn

Thank you for your kind words.  I agree with you that the stress of going through this process is unacceptable for people with Neuro conditions.  





Hi Glasgow Girl

Many thanks for your kind words.  I am so glad that it's over for now.  When I read the letter I was delighted and felt a weight lift off my shoulders.