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Hi has anyone ever experienced the following? I was trying to board a ferry as a foot passanger my left leg felt shakey & would not go forward to go down the slope onto the ferry (i felt that if i had tried it i would have fallen) I tried 3 times & couldnt do it. The colour drained from my face & I felt has if I was taking a panick attack. Any advice? Diagnosed about 1 & half years ago.

Used P&O from Hull several times before lockdown at checking just ask for wheelchair and steward from ferry will come down and take you onboard. Same on the way off tell them at reception when you get onboard and they’ll have one waiting for you

Hello Rthom1
You might well have had what amounts to a panic attack and if, like me, you’ve never had such a thing happen to you it can be shocking. You couldn’t walk down a slope to board a ferry. In my case I couldn’t go into a mandatory training session I did every year which was basic compared to what my job demanded so was no challenge for me, the trainers had been the same for the previous three years and I was only with people I worked with every day in my usual place of work; nothing but nothing would have got me into that training session that day. It so happened I saw my consultant just a week or two later and he said it was probably a panic attack, anxiety and stress being common non motor symptoms. Well I may be known for many things but not as one who panics or gets especially anxious etc. It didn’t feel like me, still doesn’t but I accept it is one of Parkinson’s unwanted gifts and do my best not to let it overwhelm me. Feet freezing or getting stuck is also common and may well be caused by the panic you were feeling. Obviously I can’t say categorically that you had a panic attack but it would be in keeping with Parkinson’s.
If that is the case it could well happen again at some point and you may, like me, be able to recognise triggers and you will be able to make decisions about how to manage any given situation. It is probably the single most difficult symptom for me and I do struggle to avoid the urge to run/avoid the situation justifying it with excuses. I’ve no doubt you would have preferred not to know that so please bear in mind that is my experience and may not be yours.
Best wishes

Hi Tot your reply is very much appreaciated

Thankyou Im learning every day

Hi, This is quite common so please don’t think you are alone. Its sounds like you experienced a freezing episode. Your brain is telling you to move but its unable to do it, then panic sets in because it wont move. It can sometimes result in an uncontrolled forward shuffle and in some cases a fall.
Generally it tends to happen when the surface area changes so if you are going from carpet to tile, concrete to wood or smooth to rough
For some reason it doesn’t happen if you high step ( like going up stairs or marching) or strangely if you walk sideways ( like a crab) - We have tried all sorts to see what works lol!
I believe its how that part of the motor function is affected, and whilst you will get some funny looks walking like a crab, I have over the years found some really helpful ways to deal with this as my husband suffers a lot with freezing.

  1. Always carry rice - it sounds odd but if you freeze on a boundary just throw a handful of dried rice on the ground and it distorts the ground enough to break the cycle and allow you to move out of the freeze.
  2. Think of a beat - Our current favourite - we will just stand still for a bit and hum a tune with a good drum beat. Once you have the beat you can again walk to the beat and it bridges the gap and allows you to move
  3. Pendulum - the leg that’s affected - so stand and if you can hold onto something and swing the leg that’s freezing two or three times, again its enough to kick the brain into realising you want to move it.
    I hope this helps
    Best Wishes
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Hi Thanks for these tips its much appreciated.