People might think I’m negative but I’m actually a strong person I’ve been diagnosed 9 years now and gone through it on my own they talk about support where sure not where I live. I stay strong by by lifting weights and doing exercises. And just hoping that they finding new treatments because let’s be truthful only the person with Parkinson’s bows what there going through and how it affects you. But there an awful lot of people seem to think there trained and no what your going through, the amount of times I’ve felt like banging my head against a brick wall when I’ve tried to explain what a medication is doing to me.

Hi Ken,we’re sorry to hear finding local support has been difficult. Please feel welcome to visit our website at for links to local resources, or you can call 0808 800 0303 for free and confidential assistance. Along with the stories and shared experiences our forums community may offer, we hope you’ll take advantage of these resources as many have, and that they might provide at least a little help.
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Hi Ken I know how you feel…I am from Cheshire and found Rock. Steady Boxing in Widnes it. is run by Tommy he is ex army boxing coach with P.D it is a 40 min drive for me.There is no proof it works but it does.It is not boxing in the ring just exercise and punch bags …It is big in the U S and Tommy was trained there.Look on facebook for exercises . .My specialist hadn’t heard of. it but PD nurse had .

Hi bonze, I agree with you it works and think more of these should be set up, they are now looking into high intensity workout for Parkinson’s.