Nellys heros

Hi my name is neale i am carer for my wife who has young onset p/d .I notice parkinsons uk don't have a string of charity shops so i am thinking about starting something small that includes a cafe meeting place [with the ambition to have volunteers with p/d and their carers involved this would be in the form of a social enterprise and could roll out regionally.
We would rely on donated items from regional support groups expansion would look at setting up regional events we would work in support of parkinsons uk but independantly
Question is am i dreaming or could this work?
I would love to see something of the sort raising money, but it is a mammoth task, even starting in a small way, you need premises in a place where general public would become aware of you. Can I ask if you have any experience in retail? Don't want to completely put you off, but how would you back it if you made losses to start with?
I think it is a good idea, but a lot of work.
What area of the country are you based?
Very good idea , if you have the energy and time . Everything starts somewhere

GOOD LUCK if you decide to go ahead