Nerve pain?

Hello all, I have been dx with PD for over 11 years and treated with Carb-Levodopa for 10. Recently, I have developed sharp nerve, stabbing pain in my right wrist/hand and right ankle. The pain is intermittent and usually comes with use (not at rest though it has happened at rest). I’m trying to figure out if this is a result of the treatment or a symptom. Prior to my diagnosis, I had nerve pain in the first joint of my middle fingers (both left and right) which resolved after starting medication. I still get that when wearing off. Any one have similar pain? Thank you. Iris

Hi Iris 1
I read your post with great intrest, as i too have had PD for quite a number of years. First I could not thread a neadle, then kept knocking things over, i did not have much feeling in my hands, also I kept getting pain in the center of my back, it is very hard for the medical people to say what it is, I ask my GP “is it my PD” and the answer is the same, well it could be, Anyway I was sent to the hospital to have an opp which was my Carpol tunnel. (for those who don;t know its small opp to clean out rubbish on your wrist) after the opp the doc ask marks out of 10 humm 2 I reply well he stood back goodness knows what he thought. Next tingling in my fingers and to top it all up pub one dinner time for lunch, had a drink in my hand, the glass just fell, the worst thing was it was full of larger. By this time pain was also traverling upand down my legs and my legs were aching. I was putting it down to PD, A lot of the symptoms i had were PD related. To cut a long story short went to see my PD nusrse she said go see your GP and tell him symptom. Next stage my spine is crumbling but they can do some thing about it. So the morrel of this story just check if you pain is PD even if you have to see lots of doctors we are lucky it does not cost us any thing on the NHS.

Hello @Iris1,

Nerve pain can be a result of many things, so unfortunately it is a bit difficult of a question to answer for you - but I’m glad to see others are sharing their experiences and suggestions with you already. You’re right to be curious about this recent development!

As @mary1947 has mentioned, it truly would be best for you to see a GP, Parkinson’s nurse, or specialist about this. They will have the resources and knowledge to identify the source of this nerve pain for you, as well as provide ways to treat it.

Should you need anything else, please do feel free to keep posting here - and we also have our helpline on 0808 800 0303.

Best wishes,
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